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We have various sizes of our best maple syrup, from one gallon down to ornate, leaf-shaped glass bottles, perfect for gift-giving!

Shipping is a flat $5.00 per order of any size. If you are local we also do curbside pickup orders at the sugar shack. Call or text the sugar shack at 508-479-6635 and we'll accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Online payments are accepted via PayPal (credit or debit cards), Venmo, card, or cash at the sugar shack.

See you soon!

-Rich and Kristin Valcourt

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About Us

At Valcourt Sugar Shack we strive to make high-quality maple syrup that captures the distinct maple flavor everyone is looking for in local maple syrup. To achieve this flavor profile we employ modern technology to gather sap, which also increases our sap yields. We then use a wood-fired evaporator to boil the excess water out of sap -- producing our famous maple syrup. Using a wood-fired evaporator has been the traditional way of making maple syrup for hundreds of years.

We also plan to sell some of our honey, dried Chaga mushroom chunks, firewood, and produce. So stay tuned! Join our email list you can get updates of new bottle styles or items on our page for sale.

Being a small commercial operation, Richard Valcourt pays close attention to the flavored syrup he is making each day during the maple season, grading and labeling every drum accordingly. Our syrup is never blended or mixed with other syrups or any ingredients. Our syrup is just filled with the sweetness that mother nature provides us from simply boiling out the water.

Check out our Facebook page to see what we are up to year-round. During the summer months, we do farmers markets on the south shore and Cape Cod. We have quality maple syrup for sale year-round.